Sale deed without permission of my Father is valid

Dear Sir / Madam ) My father has bought registered sale deed on 14.2.1972 dated ,5200 sqf land in my name at that time my age was 13 years old( I am minor at that time).and built a house after two years. All documents of government related is in my name. Now I have some problem to decide will sale at particular property. I have 2 elder sisters and 2 younger brother their aged 45 and 43. All brothers and father and mother living in my house. Now all including my Father and Mother are refused the sale deed. What i can I do?Without knowledge from my family members I will sale the house is valid, One person was agreed to purchase the house and he promised will looking all legal if will arise from other our family members. Another important it was not self acquired property and funds sourced from ancestral grand father's agri lands income including my father's business income and my mother's agriculture land. me it is valid sale Father aged 85 and my mother aged 82. R.Balakrishnan