divorced case is pending can I marry with another

Myself 25yrs old woman (Hindu) originally from u.p., currently settled in Delhi. I was married in 2006 in Kolkata. My husband left his home in September 2010 on his own will. We have a daughter who is 5yrs old and stays with me After inconclusive contesting over matrimonial suite & 2 other associated cases for 4 years, But my husband did not turn up on the same date and also skipped the consecutive date on which it was rescheduled, without assigning any reason. We have no idea till when he would keep us harassing this way. I am suffering from severe depression & immense mental agony resulting out of this. Under this circumstance, I have been approached by one of my dear friends who is a single man and wants to get into a live in relation with me. His parents and all other elders in his family like me a lot and have been insisting me to settle down with her in a live-in relationship ASAP, which may be consummated to a marriage in due course whenever I am legally free after divorce. Four years I live alone My queries are as follows - 1. Whether a live-in relationship is legally permissible for my case when my case is still pending ? 2. Can my husband and my parents take any legal actions against me if she comes to know about my live-in relationship ? 3. What legal precautions I should take to save myself and that man from any likely legal harassments from my husband and parents ? 4. Can I marry my friend in temple (without registering) before my mutual divorce petition gets over ?