Non Disclosure agreement, Non Compete Agreement

Dear Sir/s, I am in the process to start a new venture which will be an online media network, for the same I will need some technical support from a software/website development company who would develop our website/software and our mobile apps. The said software development company has its H.O. in India and branch offices in UK and USA. i wanted to enter into an NDA and Non compete agreement (NCA) with this company. For the same, I have the following queries : 1) What are the laws in India, UK (England) and USA that govern NDAs and NCAs? 2) In order to protect my interests, will this agreement have validity across the world (to cover the software developer's existing branches in UK and USA and also any other branch they may come up with in any other part of the world while my project is under progress with them) and can be enforceable in India even if the party with whom I share this information starts up a new website on similar lines registered in some other country in order to bypass this NDA, NCA signed (to be) in India with them? 3) Will this NDA, NCA cover current and future employees, joint ventures, associates and any other party working with/for the software developer? as the agreement would primarily be entered between my company and the software developing company. 4) Besides the above do I need to consider any other precaution? Thanks in advance for your kind opinions. Devansh Vasani