regarding bail

hi my name is raj from bhopal one of my brother name is suhas tiwari he is doing new two wheeler finance work in bhopal and by this he gets his commission two months ago he came in contacted with the person name rajvir. rajvir wants to finance the bike so he gaves his papers to my brother suhas, suhas as usually process the file for loan but unfortunatley rajvir loan application decline then after some day rajvir says i have decided to purchase the bike in cash and for that one of my relative is sending my rupees so he told that i needed your help that pls give me your acoount number so that i can bring money in to your account my brother suhas gives his account number to rajvir and after two days 2lakh rupees came in to my brother suhas"s account and rajvir came to my brother and says ur accoount has been credited by 2 lakh rupesss now i want to withdraw that rupes so pls give me your chque and atm then suhas handed over these things to rajvir there after rajvir withdraws 90k from account and after 2 days one phone call came from crime branch office bhopal that ur account has been crideited by 2 lakh rupees is illegally done and some one has transfer this rupees by hacking so pls come to crime brnch office bhopal my brother suddenly shock by hearing this and he went to crime branch office ofiicers says now your account has been freeze and tell that how u do this as my brother was innocent he tells that i didnt do this this rupess has been sended by one of myfrnds rajvir so with the help of suhas they areested rajvir now the police says that 90k is missing and u have to deposit this money back my brother says as i ahve not taken this money why should i pay but police does not listen and bring both of them to noida now they both are in judicial custody ipc 420,467,468,120b have been charged , we the family members are ready to give complainer back their money but we are scared that after giving the money to compaliner will my brother will be released pls help me what to do?