Advice to help the innocent

Around 3 months ago a boy asked my elder brother on a shop to arrange for a vehicle to go to Indore(city) to see his relative admitted in Bombay hospital. My brother arranged it and it was the car of my brother's friend. That boy came with a girl at the time of departure, and then My brother(for some shopping) his friend(as driver) and that boy and girl(as passengers), went to Indore, That guy and girl finally reached at their destination. And after completing shopping my brother and his friend returned to town. After some days we came to know that that couple was running from their family as the loved each other and girl's family members filed a case against all three boys present in the car. When that couple caught in Ahemdabad then that girl said that boy and herself disappeared as the both wanted to. But at tomorrow evening in the court she said that my brother, his friend and the her boyfriend kidnapped her. And now my brother,his friend and that girl's boyfriend in in the lockup. Please give me some advice what do I do now?