vigilance trap case to public servent

In this case, a sale deed present for registration in registrar office, before in front of registerar the deed is check out by office clarks in all manner,after that parties have not present in front of registerar to 'Ikrar' and rushed out from office and that day by mistake there was no any note was mentioned about the deed that it was not registered because of parties fault.after four days vigilance team came into office ((complainer report that registrar demanding illegal gratification so he has not registered my sale deed but it was totally false there is not any evidence about demanding and compainer is nor the vendor or vendee, he is only one of the witness out of two witnesses in sale deed))) when registrar was doing court work on Izlas and on izlas they caught the registerar and search the registerar without search warrant but so called money was found on a open almirah, it was wall-made almirah where dirty and old record was kept.the amount was not found in registrar possession but vigilance team arreste him and rushed out from office and do the further process...what will result?