Mental torcher from husband

Hope this is a free service. Bcoz im not in a position to spend. My husband is jobless since 6-7 years . Im working and i take care of expenses including kids fees etc. My inlaws provide me with food and shelter. But my husband torchers me mentally and sometime physically. Already twice we fought but that time due to advice of elders i adjusted with him this many years. But now i couldnt not tolerate. He doesnt like my parents and my side relatives. He always says that till date your parents has not helped you or me during tough times etc, although intially my parents spoke to their parents that if any business he is starting we will help financially to some extent. but till date my in laws are not ready to set up any business for their son. My husband keeps torchering me that i should not go to my parents place nor they should come. even i should not talk to them over phone. since two years my parents are not coming to my home. But even then he always keeps torchering me. He object me to go for any functions ( good or bad) from my parents side or relatives side. Further he uses all filthy languages ( very worst words) to me and curse my parents also. Even their parents knew about this and fought for me with their son. but he never listens. they advice me to adjust and keep quiet for kids sake. these 11 years im adjusting but now i cannot. I told my in laws to give me the third floor portion which has single room so that i can stay with my kids alone there. I dont prefer going outside because it is not safe for me. but they are not ready to provide me. Inlaws says they will help by giving monthly Rs. 5000 if i Stay out. But i dont want after thinking of so many issues like robbery, rape, society etc etc. now how can i handle this. If i go legally whether i can get justice or not. I want my kids under my custody. I told my husband that i want to clear this issue smoothly else, will go legally. He says whatever u want u do, i knew how to handle. He can go any extent to safeguard himself. If i go legally My in laws will stop supporting me and they may also turn against me. chances are there. Please advice