Indian man Marrying a Non-Indian woman

Hello, I am a Christian Delhi born and brought up entrepreneur now settled in Kochi,Kerala for d past 3 years. My origins are from Kerala itself.I write to you with utmost concern as i have been trying to learn more about the legal formalities on marrying a foreigner. My girl whom i met at an event last year in Hyderabad hails from Tunisia and is a Muslim. We have had a beautiful relationship throughout and by god's grace both our families have accepted our relationship and is willing to let us marry and have our future together as per our will. But since i would be marrying a Non-Indian and also who is not from my same religion too. I would really like to learn all the possible legal formalities that needs to be done the pre-wedding and post wedding legal arrangements everything, as we wish to get married this 2015 but not before 6 months. As per our respective families personal demands they want a marriage to happen in both the regions in the respective culture and tradition, to which even all of us are ready to comply. As per the plan first i have to go there to take the bride's hand and to marry in their tradition and then bringing her here to perform it in our tradition. Our family wise both the parties have mutually agreed and have their consent and support to our decision. I would be so grateful if you could provide me the details of all the legal proceedings involve in both ends. I am eagerly waiting for revert. Thanking You