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Hello, Thanks for visiting my question. My question will take some of your time to understand, 15-18 years before one person (ABC ) has taken loan from XYZ bank ( not a government bank , it is mercantile bank in ahmedabad) which got bankrupt since last 12 years or may be more than that. Now few liquidator (officers ) from bank trying to recover loan from that person. Person who took a loan ( for business - on company name ) , that company is not present and person is also died. Now 2 person who were involved in this loan as guarantor - one is ABC's mother in law and another is ABC's cousin brother and both are died as well. Now these liquidator some how find the address of person ( Vinod ) who is son of ABC's mother in law. Vinod is from lower middle class person doing job and has his own house ( come naturally in heir after death of his mother - ABC's mother in law ). This bank officers are trying to recover loan from Vinod who is not capable enough. Since they are trying last 2 years and now they giving final threatening Vinod that we will mortgage your house if you don't pay all loan. I wanted to know that is it possible that bank people can mortgage in this case legally ? Vinod is my friend . Just asking on behalf of him. Also will tell you the amount n details of how much money they are asking to repay n all that. Just need to understand from legal point of view is it possible that they can mortgage the house if in worst case he won't be able to repay the loan. There were already many discussion happen between Vinod and Officers and he also paid few amount in cash to Bank officer. Can you please tell me ? also once I get a reply if possible will try to contact you on phone than it will give you clarity on matter which I M not able to note down here. Thanks a lot for reading this long note. Thanks.