Husband has abandoned the new born child and wife now he is in uk

Marriage held in 2011 dec and the girl started living in UK with husband from july 2011. After some time the husband started domestic violence and in march 2013 when he come to know the wife is prgnent he forcefully put regination in her job by not renewing her dependent visa and forced her to leave to india and stopped communications and any support the inlaws in india also refused to support. The girl started staying with her parents in india and was in hope once child will born things will get better but after birth of child also neither husband nor the inlaws responded even after many communication send to them. The girl finally decided to shift to inlaws house initially the inlaws made so much drama and after police intervention girl started staying in the inlaws house since last 1 months now the inlaws has send her a legal notice to vacate their house and mentioned false allegations of threatining and torturing them by the girl in the legal notice. Simillar notice they have sent to their son also which is recived by the girl because it was addressed to the same home. This all planning done by the husband himself. Please suggest what the girl should do, where she should go with 3 months old baby.