Personal use of materials

1. What is India's policy on fair use or fair dealing? Specific examples (must be viewed as being done for personal use and not for commercial activity with a view to make profits by distribution or selling to another. I might even not even share the content with another person): Is it allowed for a person to a. Make copies of documents made by someone else, modify them? b. Store extracts of material made by someone else in another location (Making a scrap-book from content on the internet by copying and pasting content, or by taking screen-shots, for instance) c. Do it even if matter if the work is from another country? d. Use software like Readability to re-format documents to make them easier to use (easier to read and navigate, for instance)? d. Record a broadcast on radio or telecast on TV? e. Photograph a book's contents? 2. Is is legal to block advertisements on the internet served to me when I browse it? Using browsers or plug-ins that might change the content of the page to do it? 3. Do the restrictions on the use of ideas in, and practice of methods in patents apply to personal use as I've described it (See italicized text in point 1)?