Dv act

Hi I got married on 24/2 and as per ritual my wife left home on 28/2 .27/2 ...we had a reception party .On Mar 1 , her family attended my relative wedding party . on 4 th mar i called that lady to attend a family party but she refuse over phone .Till May we were getting calls from goons ,leaders for not taking action as She took all the gold item from my family and even they threatened us to file FIR of dowry .We were planning to sec 12 of HMA nullify of the Marriage .After hearing this they file dowry harassment FIR and followed by DV act . We filed a case of 420 for Gold , threating as complaint case . Sec 12 of HMA. There was no physical relationship too .I think there was no Domestic relationship because on those three i didn't met her as guest was there .She was staying in my brother new flat along with some guest .I was staying in my ancestral home .Only on reception party ,we met each each other . On next day she went her home as per ritual .Since then there is no relationship .They filed case case on MAy 2012. Can I go for quashing against false allegation