False Domestic Violence

My Brother is skilled IT engineer and he is working in world`s well reputed company. He get married with girl in 2008. After 1 Year one god blessed with Baby. His mother in low was not happy with Minor Girl and she was Expecting Baby Boy. His wife was taking long with mother (Girl`s) to share each and every moment of his life. My brother told many time to het that these conversation is giving negative impact to his life but she refused to do so. When she was living with my brother (Away from parents) his mother in-law taken his wife and 1year old baby girl to his wife`s house. After few days his wife and mother in-law left minor child with my brother but his wife refuse to come back. After aproxx 1 Year she filed case of Domestic Violence Act case to Women cell. Women cell found nothing and Panchyat helped to make settlement even then my brother was not happy to live separate. In court she accepted that minor child with remain in custody of Father and all responsibilities till marriage will be with father. Just one day before Final Degree of Divorce, she came back with the help of her “Massi Ji” Our family was happy that My brother had Wife and minor have her Mother. Everything was good for 2 years, in between his brother in-low get married and he arranged everything with in-law family. After his bother in-law marriage again Mother interference reached to peak and family atmosphere was not very happy. My brother given importance to his wife to rome around the north INDIA on many places so that she should come out of negative thoughts. But no outcome. In mean time due to official work suddenly went to Abroad as part of Duty, this thing she taken personal and started creating negative thoughts like “You have affairs with another girl, you did not love me” and her mother told her to teach lesson why he went to abroad. In mean time they contacted “Tantrik” for Lal Kitab path and other Upas to disturb my brother’s job and also he told that my brother had another girl in life. On behalf of that baba she left home. Now my brother filled case in women cell and commissioner of Police. She now refused to come in Police station and told Police in charge that she will not at all come to Police station. When she was not able to do now she had put false case against him of DV. My brother have many Voice evidences which proves that she is taking Neuro medicines, she have relation with some Girl and also proves that no one have touched her in home. She left home 20 days before my brother came to INDIA. He had tried in Police, Panchyat, social people to take her wife back. But due to negative guided people, her brother and Mother along with her Jija she refused to come back. This time she also taken my daughter along with her as she is aware I do love my daughter a lot. Now what should I do to take this matter at highest level to get Justice.