Should I file a complaint or not

Hi, I have been married for 5 years and have a 4 yr old son. Since the 1st month of my marriage my MIL, FIL and SIL's (2 married now) have been trying to bring fights between me and my husband. Finally after 3 months they were able to turn my husband as well. After a year of this I moved to my mothers house and been with him on and off for a year after that, due to friends and relatives trying to bring us back together for my son's sake. Initially it was money that they wanted, since I was earning more than him. But when the relatives got to know about it. The next time they took me in they changed tack and asked me to quit my job so no one can blame them for the money reason. But then they started saying that I was spending all my husband's money and need to go back to work. My husband also started supporting them. There was a huge fight and we finally took a separate house near his office. But he started mental harassment - not letting me go to my mom's house, not giving money for my son's care or for house expenditure, I left. Although they have never harassed me physically. They have done sufficient mental harassment and shown our society what a bad DIL I'm and that I have left my husband each time. Even though the reason for me leaving has been them in the 1st place. Now they are threatening that they will apply for a desertion case against me and get their son married. Since I and my husband are not on talking terms I don't know what he is thinking. What should I do? Should I have a women's org to talk to to my husband and see his point of view or go for a police complaint (I don't even have any proof). Please advice.