my father in law demanded for additional dowry

hello,my husband is not talking to me and sleeping in his parents room for past 1 month.after this my father in law came to me and asked me to leave the house,i refused and asked why?he demanded additional dowry and both inlaws are saying they wont allow their son to have marital life with me.after they threatened to throw me out of house,my mother came and we both locked ourselves in a room.the next day my inlaws gave a legal notice to me,my husband,my mother to leave the premises of husbands address mentioned was differnt,a house in same town where we never lived,after enquiry i came to know that house was taken 10 days prior to notice .now elders are doing inlaws are asking to leave husband is not willing to take me to new home,even i expressed my willingness to move to new home.the new house is door husband staying in my inlaws bedroom or his sisters home nearby..plz help to proceed further,if elders fail to make my husband totake me to new home.