False 498A, 406 and threaten for DV

Hello Sir, my wife has filed a false 498a and 406 case against me . She and her family were pressurizing me from the day one of my marriage to send my old mother away in our village home to which I strongly reacted . I lost my father at the age of 1 yr , and my mother has brought me up . I am married for 6 yrs . My wife once left me 2 years back . She stayed with her parents for some time.During this stay she made phone calls to my friends, relatives, office colleagues and brought false and very mean allegations against me, just to pressurize me , and bow down to her demands. My friends recorded her mobile conversation and later on made me hear those mean allegations. After few moths , she started dropping messages and making phone calls, to take her back. Her parents called me many times, and admitted that she made a mistake . They came to my house , my wife asked for forgiveness to me, my mother in front of my family friend . On request of my mother , I decided to live with her . After this we went for a vacation too . Again on one night we had arguments regarding some matter . She simply denied that she will not bear any child , as it will risk her life and many other things . She again threatened to leave home . In the next morning when I was out in office , she called her parents and left my home . She took all her belongings with her . After this she filed 498A and 406 . I have already got bail for 498a , and have returned all her "stridhan" in front of her & mine lawyers. Now she is threatening to file "Domestic violence" case ! Please let me know the following : (i) Can she file DV at this moment , where 498a is still not resolved. (ii) The flat I live in is joint name with my sister . What should I do to protect this flat from DV ? (iii) I have booked one more flat, which is not registered yet . What precautions shall I take for this?