tresspass in reserve forest

on 29/12/2014 our camp officer received a complaint that a group of 14 students tresspassed the Smith island reserve forest and were found roaming in the beach area. then on receiving the complaint immediately the camp officer took departmental dinghy and reached the spot and brought all the students to the range office for interogation and informed me over phone as i was on field duty in another beat. When i reached the range office three men known to be parents of some of the students entered my office and allegedly blamed me that i am unnecessarliy detaining and harrassing the students and threatened me that if i do not leave the students he would publish in the newspaper and forcefully taken away all the students. In this situation how can i book a forest case under Indian forest act,1927 as i was unable to make any interrogation with the students being a forest ranger. However the names of all students were recorded and witness are also present who saw them tresspassing. kindly suggest necessary advice in order to book the case in the court.