Hello .. I am indian .. I have been marrried since two years ..my husband works in boston.. i joined him after 5months of our wedding and was there together for more than a year.. we were very happy couple for first year of our marriage .. later I faced lot of torcher from his parents and even my husband but still life was okay i was quiet with patience.. when we recently visited India my husband sent me a divorce notice without my knowledge and he did not inform my family and my parents as it was a arranged marriage conducted in presence of 1500 people.. ,he sent me a divorce letter i.e Talaaqnama illegally... but i am still his legally wife according to indian law... now he is in boston not responding my phone,mails and messages.. but according to islamic law we are no more husband and wife now.. and even now my husband is ready for seperstion.. in that case how to file a case against him and how can I get justice as he is US and i am in india now... I am a graduate and from middle class family.He is rich and blessed with lots of property .. I dono what to do.. please help me