Can I charge my wife of her false allegations?

Hi All, Need some help. It will be very helpful if somebody guides me through. I got married in 13th March,2013. It was arranged marriage, and I was under continuous pressure from my wife and in-laws to stay separate from my family. I was working in a MNC in Bangalore and my wife was forcing me to come back to Kolkata(my native) and stay with her as "Ghar-jamai". I objected by depression caught me and I started drinking heavily. Soon, because of continuous depression and over-drinking I felt sick and my wife and my mother-in-law brought me back to Kolkata where I got admitted to a mental asylum just after 3 months of my marriage. (July 2nd,2013). After 22 days, I got discharged and soon after it my in-laws came to my house and took all the belongings. She threatened me 498A. I left for Bangalore, but unable to control my emotions and anger and indulged into drinking again. So I had to leave my job and forced to rehabilitate myself for 7 months after an attempt of suicide. In July,2014 my wife has filed a divorce case and put false allegations of tourcharing her after drink and me having extra-marital affairs in the ground of cruelty (13A). In between, I tried to contact her by sending emails, but she didn't bother to reply. Again, suddenly,in October 2014 she called me up and asked for mutual divorce. I got the paper where she mentioned 8/1 which I understood as a case of nullity and I rejected her. Then they came up with 13B mutual divorce consent which I finally signed on 23rd November,2014. The first case is not withdrawn yet. And my first hearing is pending on 8th Jan,2015. I am not able to understand what their actual plan is. In mutual consent or in 13A case she didn't ask for any alumni or maintenance. I tried to contact her in recent past, but she didn't reply. I am getting nervous with this. Does anybody has any idea what she is up to? What she can do? Another question is that I have all the proves with me against her case on 13A. It will not take any effort to prove in the court my innocence, as she mentioned I had beaten and thrown her from my house on 23rd March,2013(10 days after my marriage) where I have all the flight tickets with me confirming our return date on July 1st,2014. And my advocate is very confident about that. Can I take any steps if she does something wrong? Like can I put any cases against her? Is there any law for male in India to protest the immense mental pressure she had and still putting on me that almost killed me once? I was in terrible mental condition and physical health of mine degreted as I developed heart diseases. Isn't it a crime itself? Can anybody please help?