interim maintenance right

My husband works in MNC software company..ours was an arranged marriage in 2001..things were fine initially but slowly mother-in-law's insecurity n creating differences of opinion between us...our relationship too a toll...we thought of ending marriage in 2004 but hubby persuaded that a baby wud ease out tension...also I was not working on my inlaws n Hubby's insistence....wedwerein Netherlands.Europe for 4.5yrs....even there was no mental laws nspoke to husband n he started ignoring infighting with me threatening every time that wud divorce me...hurled a buses to me n humiliatedmy parents...we came back in 2009 and at airport.he snatched my mobilen later withdrew access from bank accounts.....I have no proof of his income since I did not anticipate this in marriage..we tried reasoning n mediating withinlaws but very adamant..I filed a case for rcr but was dismissed on acoung of default... Now he has filed a divorce case against me n avoiding confrontation to give any interim maintenance..also bribed my lawyer to keep statuspdnding as was in USA..... Thru frnds came to know.income is around 38lacs.... Owns a bungalow in line and a flat in Mumbai., do I procure his income slip as lawyer is insisting for the same before interimcould be claimed..pls advice..... Can Rti thrujincometax office in line be of any help ..pls suggest as Ned money for selfand8 yr old daughter..