Previous company bond issue

Hi Sir, may name is Subhajit, I am working in top MNC in Bangalore and about to go to onsite in few days as my VISA?(WORK PERMIT) is in process for one of the Europen Country. Now the problem lies here. Few years back I worked in one company,and signed a bond of 1.5 lac for 2 year.I worked there for 3 months and left that company without any prior notice in order to avoid the bond money.I joined my current company then. My previous company have filed criminal offence againt me which I came to know today when embassy guy called me and told me that your VISA may get reject. He asked me for reference of any two guys.I gave number of my manager and one of my friend. Its seems ,he called one of them and took my feedback.After this I called embassy again,he told he is processing my VISA further as he got good feedback of mine. I am only worried about this criminal offence incase this creates and road block for me in future for visa of other country. Please suggest your valuable suggestion.Seems I am in deep trouble with very less time in hand. I had very descent track record till now and I belong to very average middle class family. This is a huge setback for me mentally.I never wanted to ruin my name or my family name. Hope to get your early suggestion. Please mail me @ [deleted] Thanks