domestic violence file

I got married by hindu special marriage act on march2014,unfortunately forced to came back to my paternal house by april.very first night my husband entered to my room in a drunkard condition and forced me to make physical relation when i opposed he abused me and beaten me up.his brother in law indulges his behaviour as their rich social status as i am from a backdated class.his sister resides near to my matrimonial home separately with her husband and my relation started with bad situations,from the next day my husband and in laws started to taunt me as my parents cheated them by giving me imitation jewellery.his sister everyday came to her mother and advised her how she will control me.according to her daughter she spent all her day in my bed room and monitored me and when my husband comes back at night she complained so many things about me including that i telephoned a person whole day .i wasn’t allowed to talk with their neighbour,because her brother in law informed them that my character is not good,as my mother had also some scandle,i belongs from a bad family,i had a boy friend.when i protest i was beaten by them,they demanded money.i strongly husband is mainly a backboneless person.too some extend his mother also,his sister and brother in law are main culprit for my situation.whenever i tried to make him understand he misunderstood me.his mother and sister continue to start saying to him that i have a boy friend thats why i don’t love him.we have physical relation but never intercourse due to his intoxicated state.i left that house with my father with a hope that the situation will be changed.but they starts to blaiming me,his sister and brother in law repeatedly insulted me and my family,and whenever i said my husband that i am willing to go back,they avoided me with various excuses of “guruji’s bidhaan”.even when i tried to contact my husband he ignored me.they also threatend me as they are very influential they will lesson me soon,also blaimed me for depriving my husband physically and mentally as i have another i have suit a domestic violence case by responding them three with the time he resigned from his all the belongings are there including my some jewellery,they denied to having those to them. Will i get those things back?they are powerful so how will i get justice?i never lodged any police complain.