Regarding Academic problem

Actuall i m the student of Punzab technical university zalandhar ,i completed bca under this university and from its learning centre situated in kolkata named brainware consultancy pvt ltd,i took admission in the year 2011 when it had approval from the zoint committee of ugd-dec-aicte till 2012 and that time it allowed to offer courses outside it states,but in zune 2012 it was restricted by ugc not to offer beyond punzab,so the new policy will not apply on new students,i filed rti and seek information from ugc and got reply about recognition status and according to that my degree is valid,but whe n i tried to take information from ignou,then they said ur degree is not valid as per supreme court notification on 11-2-2005 no pvt or state universtites allowed to offer outside its states but when i told them that how in 2010 ugc-dec allowed ptu to offer courses in other states,it means ugc-dec they have also voilated the rules or honble supreme court zudgement may be different,and currently WBUT not giving ptu student admission inspite of degree valid,so what to do now