bedakhal notice by father

sir my father gave bedakhal notice to us (2 brother) from property of father.we all are living together in one big house but actual two joint house. in one house me mywife, my mother and my father living. in other part my 3rd brother living. my big brother living seperate. now my father fave notice and inform all that i m not serving my parents and not in their control. but i m serving my mother. my fathers responsibilty taken by 3rd brother. 3rd brother is very greedy and he wants all preperty. and my relation of with father is not too bad..but normal. but my 3rd brother forced my father to do legal action against us. even my father dont take care of my mother. my mother is in our side and fight for us with father. but mother has no property and power to do more against them. my big sister also forced my father to make wil favous of 3rd brother. now what can i do. i want house in which we are living. house is fathers property. and one more plot is our grandfathers property. my grand parents are no more now. plz give me advise