Protect the property from misuse.

Hi Sir, We are 3 brothers and I am the Eldest one in my family.My father and mother are government employees and now they retired.I have one kid(baby boy) and his age is 1 year and my first brother is having one kid ( baby girl) and her age also 1 year and the last brother is not yet married.We three are working in private organizations and earning as per our jobs.As the time goes on I am observing some differences between us and might lead to a big problem later stage so I want to take a good step before it self.My father earned house properties from his father and earned so many lands ( more than 20 acres of land) on his name and on my mothers name.Now they are planning to give these properties to my two brothers 40% and 40% percentage share to each and for 20 % share been allocated for me ( might be or might not be).It may be hold with them not sure about it. This situation which I dont like as even I have kids and even i feel I should get same love and property from my parents to me.So please let me know is there any rights I have or my kid have to claim for the equal share in that.Let me know your views and suggestions on that please.Before that I have my own house which I took it from LIC housing loan (both my self and my wife's name ) and my brothers dont have any property as of now.