Can i get any support from Law on my family issue

Hi All, I have married in the moth of feb 2014 and after 1 month of marriage with mutual consent my husband has gone back to abroad for work. However he has told that he will take me to there shortly. I was staying with mother in law and brother in law, mother in law started to harass me mentally. for each and small issue he started to call her whole family and would harass me mentally. I am working woman, its been 10 months of marriage life I suffered a lot by this mental husband family is very much keen about my earnings. my husband forced me to give money his mother I dint agree, later he forced me to put it to his account as RD for that also I dint agree. when I was not agreeing he asked me to leave the house and mentally harassed by calling and annoying for this. when I had health issue I was hospitalized in that case my husband or his family nobody has helped me. my mother in law and husband wont allow me to go to mother's place. I told to them and went to my mothers place once that time again husband started scold me as I should take a permission from mother in law. she wont allow me to got to mothers place at all. when I went without her permission again she made a big issue and told to my mom I wont allow your daughter to enter in side the house. after a discussion with mine and husband relative I asked a sorry on call with mother in law and went to house that day intentially she has locked the door and went and sat in her sister's house when I called and told I have come to house are you busy where are you.. she said who came along with you, I said I am alone for that she said she wont allow me in side the house over the phone so I informed the same to husband on call and went off from there. for every conversation my mother in law will make and interfere brother in law in all my matter. and recently when my mother in law and I having the conversation that time brother in law interfered and came to slap me. from that day itself I am not staying with them, I am staying with my mother and brother. my family members are not supporting me, they want me to lead a life with my husband. mother in law and husband has asked dowry and mentally harrsed me. I don't have any evidence against all these. husbands will calls every day and harassing to send my salary slip and bank statement. I want to lead a peaceful life, as a girl obviously I would like to continue and lead good life with husband, but these ppl are mentally harassing me. I really don't have idea who can support me on this because I don't have any evidence. even my brother in law has harassed me by asking the salary details and she came to hit and asked me to go out of the house however I don't have evidence at all. whether Law can help me in this issue to lead a peaceful life. Could you please advise me on this issue.