I am a divorcee and have just mother at home. Have younger sister too but she is married. We are looking for proposals for my second marriage and since I had a bad experience earlier, would like you expert advice on the below facts: 1. I am staying on rent and it is the pre-condition from most of the bride's family to have our own home. So thought of purchasing a builder floor. 2. I have taken a personal loan and gifted it to my sister. Rest she has taken an home loan to purchase a property. The property is not in my name however will be used by me after my marriage. The rental payments will be used by my sister to disburse her loan. Though I am positive in restarting my life however still have fear due to biased laws. In the above light, please advise: 1. In case if the things don't go well, will my future wife demand any residential rights in a property in my sister's name. 2. Since I have taken a personal loan before my marriage, will my EMIs be considered before awarding any maintenance order? Appreciate your expert guidance.