Facing false rape case

Hi Sir, I am a software engineer working in a reputed MNC I talked with a girl first time over call then she told me that she has brain cancer so due to some sympathy i talked to her and tried to motivate her after sometime i went to Delhi and i met her then we met for 3-4 times. Then i shifted to some other place once she came to my place so i booked a room for her. Then i moved to Bangalore after few months so i was not talking to her one day she called my parents and abuse them and tell them to ask me to talk to her otherwise she will lodge an FIR. I handled this situation some how and begged to her not to do this. Now i am in Banglore and she lodged a FIR before 2 months then i went to delhi met with her lawyer she told me to give 1 lakh rupees and marry to this girl then i will get bail, i am from a very small hometown my parents never seen this type of situation so i did same and got bail now she is daily blackmailing me for small things and saying if i will not do same she will send me to jail. i have all the voice recordings and messages she admitted that she lodges a false rape case. Sir please help me i am in big trouble mentally sick now.