fir related

myself Mrs Priya ,credit manager in bank i have been accused of misappropriation of funds . I was suspended from sep 2014 and fir has been lodged against me. There are few transaction which are done in family accounts. No notice has been served till now and i do not know the case details. I was one of the top performer in business and was recently promoted and posted to nearby branch, I got bail also.... what is the next procedure . what i should do .... bank officials are unnecessarily bringing pressure on me thru police officers . Police is threating that bank might attach my only property on which housing loan is there and my husband is a govt servant and might lose his job.. They are forcing me to repay the amount which i have not misappropriated. I have applied for some documents thru rti. I have been given subsistence allowance , but the concerned branch manager has frozen my account and am not able to withdraw my allowance. What i shud do from my side.. kindly guide, what are the consequences and how to move about,,,,,