Pagadi rent issue noc for water

Dear Sir/Madam, First of all fantastic website who are giving answers to the poorer who doesn't know where should go. I am resident in a chawl Mumbai where the pagadi system is there from my grandfathers time but from last 2 years the owner is not ready to accept the rent even he cheated us by not paying BMC's water supply bills from last 10 years so that BMC cut down the water supply connection from us.My questions are as follows:- 1)BY sending Money order or Cheque will it became proof that i am trying to pay the bill? 2)Can lanlord demolish our house if he wants? 3)For water supply NOC is not given by landlord and BMC said untill and unless the earlier water supply dues is not finish i can not give supply connection So what will be the exact procedure to start our water supply? 4)One of our colleges haven't paid bills from last 25 years so is it OK that he can send Money order now? 5)What are the legal documents needed to prove that i am staying here from last 70 years.? Thanks in advance Waiting for your valuable reply.