Avoid giving maintenance to educated wife

Hello, I was married in 30 Nov 2013 and my wife is not ready to stay with me. she used to goto her parents place for any small issues in marital life. she even told me many time that she never wanted to get married as doesnt like any responsibilities. but as her family forced her.. she got married. but still she is not sure about it. Now after so many times arguments and all quarrels I got fed up and one day when she said.. I want divorce I said fine.. and she went her parents place. then she files a petition against me and my father and not demanding 20k [twenty thousand] rupees for her maintenance. My total salary is around 45K and I alos have my old parents staying with me. Even if I have brother I also give some money to my parents. My wife is educated.. she has masters degree and was also working before our marriage. Please advice me... how can I avoid giving maintenance to my wife.. as our marriage did not even last for 1 year and we dont have any child and also she has a problem of POCD [in which a female doesnt have capacity to conceive which also makes a lady a bit psychic, this I got to know after marriage] Please help me in this regards as my lawyer is not giving me any proper details Is there any way where I can say that they made her daughter wed for the sake of maintenance so that they dont have to maintain her ... Any help is welcome Thank You... One frustrated man