Lyngodh Committe Recomendations - Fundamental Rights Violation.

Lyngdoh Committee recommendations regarding the Student (College/University) election rules. Clause 6.1.1 Where the atmosphere of the university campus is adverse to the conduct of peaceful, free and fair elections, the university, its constituent colleges and departments must initiate a system of student representation based on nominations,especially where elections are being held at present. It would be advisable, however, not to base such nomination system on purely academic merit, as is being practiced throughout the country. Clause 6.5.4 Although, the Committee would refrain from prescribing any particular minimum marks to be attained by the candidate, the candidate should in no event have any academic arrears in the year of contesting the election. Lyngodh Committee Recommendations link: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A student may have desired and passion towards making good things. In fact many of our Politicians also doesn't have any qualifications / Good Academic records. The Madras H.C, says in its judgement as "In fact, I have noted in my earlier order dated September 15, 2010 that Dr B R Ambedkar obtained only 287 marks out of 750 in the matriculation examinations and his educational need was taken care of by King of Baroda on the ground that he belongs to scheduled caste," the judge added. I mean marks should not be the measurement of the leadership qualities of the students. Many of the great persons and / good politicians failed in initial stages. But they became very popular for their good acts. Marks are different and knowledge is different. The committee prescribed age 24-25 for PG students as eligibility for P.G Students. >> Some students may having any financial problems during their studies and may continues their studies at a latter point of time by working some period. In that cases the age will be more. >> Some students may comes from different medium of instructions (Such as Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Oria, Telugu etc.,). They will face some problem during the present course and they may have arrears. During these restrictions the student who really desired to do good things has to lose the opportunity even though he belongs to the same class as the other contestants. Sorry for my bad English, Hope you understand my version. I forget to mentions the aforesaid Lyngodh Committed recommendations are accepted by the Supreme Court. My Questions are, 1. will it comes under the Violation of Fundamental Rights? 2. Or any other? If it Comes under violatons, 3. Can I write a letter or that should be in the form of petition. If petition what kind of petition? 4. Can I Post that? or Have to present in person? 5. To whom I have to address?? 6. Can I write my own or have to take the assistance of a lawyer? Please suggest a solution for this. Thanking you in anticipation,