Wife files False 498A, RCR,DV on me and my Family

Dear Experts, My wife left Bangalore on June Month, she given application for 498A in July month and FIR for 498A,406,34 and 3/4 logged in September Month. after 498A she files RCR on me and in the month of November she filles DV case. Detail are given below. I file RCR (in Bangalore,KA) on my wife and My Wife files three cases on me and my family. 1) 498A (in CG state) against 4 member (me,mother,father,sister) of my family. 2) RCR (In MP state) on me. 3) DV case (In MP state) on 6 member (me,mother,father,sister,my brother and sister in-law) of my family. Question: 1) what is the impact on my cases when she file RCR. Question: 2) I want to go for Quash DV case because my wife was staying with me in Bangalore. she wanted me us to harass mentally, physically , economically that's why she filled all person name. Note: My Sister stay with me, My mother and father came Bangalore for Medical and they stay with us approx 1.5 month. my brother and sister in-law never stay with us. all cases in different state. no case in Bangalore.