Divorce and Child custody

After 10 years of unsuccessful marriage and continous trails of compromise, finally i have decided to divorce my husband as he is not ready to consider me as a wife due to his friend who is having a relationship(as observed by me) with him. According to society there is no bad remark about him but after knowing the truth about him being a heart patient and gay (possibly), i tried coping up for my 2 children sake for 10 years with help of his relative,my parents,doctors etc but everything was in vain , but he s not ready to let me be a financial independent woman and forcing to cut off all relation with my parents. Due to not giving respect to his friend, that person created a big bridge between us to such an extent that hurting me is the only sole work he does and also is not having any physical relation with me after my 2nd child(boy)its been 8 years now. I want to know in this case will i be given the child custody physically and legally of the girl child(11 yrs) and the boy child(7 yrs) to me as I feel its not a good environment to grow with coz... as even the children are not ready to go back. Myself and my children are staying with my parents. Its been already 2 years since I have separated from him and till date there is no contact or even a try reaching us as he has spread the rumors that I have run away with the kids and I am eyeing on his money. His friend alone is trying to negotiate as he is the reason for our strained relationship. He is just the puppet in his friend's hands and is not interested anymore in me or my children. Only that friend through one of his uncle is trying hard to make me come back as he had challenged me to bring down and torture him and openly said that he will not leave my husband to me for having a healthy relation. I am not doing this for any alimony or with some bad intention . The only sole reason of this decision is to have good environment for my kids and independence from him. Is it possible for him to just file the custody of the child after 3-4 years down the line from now... ?? Please guide me as I am in confusion and fear that as he s more financially stronger than me. I request you people to guide me through law. At least I am hoping god will be with me in this.