Dowry and Harrasment case

I am muslim man,married for 3 yrs and we have 2 childrens.We are living in middleast and my parents are living in india alone,i am only son.Due to our indefferences and her arrongacy,my wife decided not to come back to me and stayed back in india at her parents home.We tried to bring her back with help of mediators but her father is alleging that i make her to do too much work at home and my mother trouble her and many more reasons .Which is un-true as my parents dont leave with us.Her father is using all false allegation to cover her duagther up .We asked her father if she is intrested in coming back or not.He says she is ,but does not take any action from his end to reach conclusion.Now i am worried that my father in law has bad company with him who can misguide them for case against me or my family and i am worried for the following reasons: 1).If she files a false case against me under any case will that put my parents under trouble. 2).If in case we settle for divorce who will get custody of my innocent children. 3).If in case if she puts up a case against my parents ,do i have to return to india and even if i get bail will i will be able to return back to resume my job. I am disturbed because i loved my wife so much and my children ,tried all the means but if she is not intrested i cannot force her to live with me.But i need to safe guard my parents against them as they have nothing else to do .And my children,i dont want them to be brought up with such a person who is so selffish.Appreciate if you can help me with your esteemed replies.