Rent out Pagdi Flat? Rules & Procedure? Standing and claims

Hi, We live in a pagdi system flat since last 10 years, Now we are looking to rent out this property, what would be the exact procedure to do the same? Is it legal? Will land lord ask for extra money apart from the monthly rent we pay if he gives his NOC and is there a legal defined amount? If we rent out the said property how much right we have in claiming it back to us? Is it possible that whom we rent out the property he can ask for his claim on our property and not vacate the same at the end of the leave and licence agreement? What is the full proof procedure to make sure we don't loose the possession on house we have been living since so many years? Can Land Lord ask us to give the house to him if we try to rent it out? We are not sure if the land lord is actually the land lord of the building since there were change of landlords few years ago and some pay the rent to this one and other pay it in rent commission? Is there a way the authenticity be checked? Request you to please reply on the above queries would be a great help.. Also once doubts are clear would like to seek one of your help in executing the same.