Medical Negligence

My father was working in a govt organization that has its own health center. He suffered some vomits in office two years ago. He immediately rushed to that campus hospital and got admitted there. After one day he referred to some private hospital where we got to know that he meat a brain stroke and now it is not possible to recover as the medication in brain stoke cases is time bound to 5-6 hours and it was at that time almost 30 hours have been passed in the campus hospital. There was no testing facility available in the campus hospital and the doctors was least bothered about the seriousness of the case or patient, but it was necessary to get the referral from campus doctors so that medical reimbursement claim can be passed. Now after 2 years, still he is not able to walk, speak and even eat on his own. A brain stoke patient could be fine to the extent of easy walking, talking and eating, if the primary treatment provided is up to the mark, within 15 days of incident. Now I want to sue a case against the organization, please suggest me whether it would be worth?