Retention of MD Accn while posted out locally

Sir, I have been posted out locally from Air Force Stn New Delhi, Race Course to Air HQ (VB) for which I had not been granted any transfer grant. I was allotted with a Service Married Accommodation at Af Stn Race Course on out of turn basis against admin ground of my duty site. As per Md Accn Policy of Indian Air Force, Para 43 of IAP-2501 stipulates that while local posting in 20 Km, when transfer grant is not drawn, Individual can retain his SMQ at his previous unit for full tenure. But in my case it is being turn down by the authorities stating that OOT allotted does not comes under this code. Whereas the local rules are formed as per the station requirement without deviation from the Married Accommodation rules i.e IAP-2501. My question is Since I have not taken any transfer grant, I may be continued to retain the allotted quarter and moreover presently my duty station (Air HQ) is also being catered by the same authorities (AF Stn Race Course) for allotting of QTRs. since the organisation is same only my duty place is changed and being the higher formation the sanctity and importance of the duty should be considered I may please be instructed legally and advised. Thanks & Regards