Property Acquisition or distribution

Hi I am Abdul Khan, We have a 30-40 site. The house is built covering the entire area where in my uncle(my Father's younger brother) lives in ground floor and we stay in the first floor of the same house. The site is registered on my grand mother's name who passed away 2 yrs ago and has not had a will. My father has 4 siblings i.e. 3 sisters and 1 brother. My uncle is not in good terms with us and we do not feel safe to stay with him in the same building. He just wastes a lot of water and has broken all of our garden pots on terrace while we were not at home.Also sold off a big birds cage without our notice which was on the first floor and belonged to us. Hence looking for partition in two ways. 1)Firstly we either need first floor or ground floor transferred to our name (either my father or mothers name) and he should not interfere further with that.It should be upto our discretion to utilize that share without any hazzel being created by him. 2)Secondly, sell the complete property and give us our share. We have still not discussed this with any of my aunts or uncle.I would like to know what should be our approach to settle this matter out of court first and also advise the conditions of the share as per the law..