reg. a compromise

Sir, our house owner who is a police officer (CI) and is also a president of one of the association of police once was starring into our house through an opening at night 9.15pm. He was drunk and he is known for eve teasing character . But every body in the locality are afraid of him because of his official, financial and personal power. We filed a complaint against him and his son who beat my husband for questioning his deed. Later regional political people and his office friends came for compromise stating that he felt very sorry of what has happened. the police eve teaser told us in order to withdraw from the complaint we have to tell the police that a robber has come and we misunderstood him instead of robber.That means we have to change our statement to police what we have told earlier for a compromise ( because of the time, money, and health also which we now lack). My question is can we go for a compromise as he told sorry and at the same time without changing the statement for our safety? Kindly reply.