Delay in PF of my deceased father

My father was a bank manager and expired in 2010, I was 19 When he expired the bank told me that a loan amount was pending on my father nearly 21 lakhs. Though bank is not asking me to repay as I was minor at that time but they are not releasing the PF. I am still unemployed and need the money for my subsistence and higher education. I filled writ of mandamus in the high court in 2013 and it has been admitted. Few days ago I came to know about Directorate of Public Grievance online complaint portal and banking ombudsman, but the thing is that they don't accept complaints if they are pending for hearing in any court of law. Directorate of Public Grievances takes only 2 months to solve problems and same is with banking ombudsman. So, I want to ask that can I approach any other office for my case as the time taken by the court can be 5,10,15 years. Or shall I withdraw my case from high court and apply to directorate of public grievances. Can I ever be able to get my father's money because court will take many many years. Please help.