Information regarding Lok adalat

Hi, In 2012 dec. someone from russia did shopping from my credit card, while the card was with me. I get filed a FIR and also filed a case in banking ombudsman. After a long discussion / meeting, banking ombudsman helped me in getting all my transaction amount and case was solved. After one year nothing happens from Police side, and later again they demanded documents, i discussed and explained police my banking ombudsman result, so i informed that i don't want any action on this FIR now, they have taken this in written at that time. now again after about 1 Yrs, i got letter from LOk adalat that i have to appear there if i want to settle my case !!! I went to court, but they demanded affadavit, photos, vakaltnama, lawyer to close this case..while i explained them all issue. i returned back and didn't proceed further.. Now again after 2 month 2nd time, letter came from same, LOK adalat to apeear there to resolve the case..This time i didn't find time to go there.. Can anyone of you pls. guide me, what will happen if i don't go there, my case is already solved.will there be any legal action.. I also don't know how my case reached to Lok adalat.. Please suggest.. BR, Rajneesh Garg