domastic violance

Hi i got married in april 2012 ,i have been going to domestic violence ever since i got married , i tried my best to get things normal , but nothing working . my husband have own house , and recently a week before they shifted my belongings to some isolated rented house while i was in work. My husband told me to come to one place after my work and took me to that new rented house . ( which was rented without my permission) i was shocked and i could see only my belongings there his belongings were not there . i found things very fishy and escaped from that place and went to our own house which was locked , i waited till 12 night and my family came and took me . the next day i filed FIR against my husband , motherinlaw and brother inlaw. and the PC did the spot inspection and got the statement and evidance in my favor. but now if we got to station they are saying that we have 90 days to put chargesheet we will wait . what can i do further . how can law give me justice ?. rite now i am staying with my parents i want to get back to my husbands own house which is secure for me ..