Help me from harassment of my wife and her parents.

I have just recently married.She was working in corporation on contract basis. Her father was retired when he was at very good position there. She had two six months contracts there. Initially a month went good. After a some days of marriage, her contract ends and she had an interview for the same position. But unfortunatelly, she didn;t got selected at this time. then she started scolding me that after marrying me, she lost her job, I am badluck for her. My family was living together, and my mom was little old traditioned, sometime she asked my wife that this thing (some food prepration or some other work) not by this way, but by that way. My wife started shouting and complained her parents that my mother always harrass her. Initially, I was also thaught that probably this might be mom's fault, but actually she were said the things with good intent. These things started happening continuously further. Then I reallized that this is not totally my mom's fault but my wife was responsible for it since she gets angry too early. Since her father was rich and having very good wealth and I am belonging a small village. After education I joined IT MNC on good salary. But I have booked my flat and not yet ready hence was living in rented house. My wife started taunting me on this point as well that I dont have my house. She started compairing it with her family wealth and their type of living. In reallity I have cleared all these things before the marriage. Now she started saying that you (me) dont have any standard, and her father, mother are highly standard. She also used some bad words about my family etc etc. Until this was OK. Every time when she went her father's house, I go to take her back, discuss with her father and family. Most of the times even my family was not aware of it since I never liked to share my personal things with anybosy. But one day, she crossed her limits. we had some arguments she left for her father's home. On that night we again had some arguments on phone and I said that I dont want to live with you. My father and her father also had some arguments and then we decided to meet on some day. But next day she ate sleeping pills and got unconsious (she was at her fathers home), she was admitted to hospitals (her father managed to avoid the police involment since he was knowing the hospital doctors). After this incident, my mom-dad decided to go back to my village thinking that it may help to improve the relations. For some days, everything was going well then again the same thing happed. On that day, my dad came to city due to some work and since while leaving, it was late night, I asked him to stay with us. My wife refused to prepare food for him saying that I can only prepare food for both of us.We again had some argumets and again she used some bad words about my mom-dad. After this incident, I got angry and I slapped her in the anger. This time again the marriage mediator came and he called her father to solve this matter. Around 12 AM night, my father/uncle(mediator) left. On morning her face had some injury due to yeasterdays incident. I felt very much guilty since I wasn't intended to harm her but it happened in anger. She left for her father's home on that day. My uncle went to her house to understand the issues. My wife and her mother started complaining about my mom-dad, me and told that we were intentionally harrasisng her. My uncle asked them that for some days, she will live at her fathers home and then we will have a meeting to decide what to do. I came to home from office. Since these things were happened yeasterday, my mom-dad also came to my house and as my wife was coming on that day, both of them decided to stay. After dinner, I started doing my office work in my bedroom. Around 9, my wife came in the room and off the lights, but as I was working, I opposed her from doing this. During this, I pushed her away from me. But then she started shouting and called her father and told him that I tried to harm her by pushing her on the floor which was not the truth. And miracally, her father came to my house in not more than 5-10 mins (they were standing to our socity). They started shouting from outside of our flat door. They gathered the socity members and started telling them that our family were asking for gold and dowry and for that we are harrassing her daughter. They started telling to our socity members that we have killed my sister (my sister got dead 7-8 years back due to illness) as some one from my village told them about it. Now started blackmailing us that they will go to police and tell them that we are doing harrasment to her child for the money and gold. All three (my wife, in-lows) assulted my family on that time. We asked her that they can go and complaint to police (as we have not done anything wrong and we really beleave in law). When they left from my house, my wife called me and asked me to come down. I went and now her father asked me and my wife not to do same thing again. I took back my wife back to home abd a month went good. And same thing started happening again.Now I started living under the pressure and in fear about her. I dont know at what time what will she do? Last time she attempted suisite, but it was at her father's home, but I have fear that what if she again try it in my home? Please help me on the same.