relevance of sec 498A after 30 month of diverse petition

Wife has filed diverse petition under family court just after one year of marriage. Pleading for maintenance. She was working prior and after marriage and after one week leaving matrimonial house resigned to claim maintenance. Lower court has dismissed her petition with the plea petitioner as not given any states of her economic condition. Secondly, well qualified and capable of earning. Petitioner appeal to higher court. Petition is still to be admitted even after a year. However, one judge has argued that whether the petitioner is right now in job or not. Can the court decided to grant her the interim maintenance. There was no case for respondent no-1. However, she want to frame respondent father with face allegation. the petitioner has sufficient evidence of her cruelty of harassing bed ridden mother in law and her desire to leave separate from parent and her dream demands. Petitioner, after lapse of 24 month filed a case for domestic violence in another court and giving a threat to file a case under 498A. Is there any relevance of such case or just to harass the respondent and parent. Looking for your valuable legal solutions.