No refund of money by Advisory Co.

I have sent some money(30000+51000) regarding the subscription of Ad visory Services and i have disclosed my capital and positions to the advi sory company. After i have sent the money i have been told by the comp any that the analyst cant be appointed as my capital is too low and that i am bound to enjoy the services of the company either for the same clas s of service or any other service. I have asked the company to refund the money they have told me that they do not have the policy of refund und er any circumstances. They are telling me that i will have to be bound w ith the policy of the company. When they require money from the client then every person working in capitalvia have the right to accept money from the client and when i have asked for the money every person tells t hat i have no right to decide upon this matter. I will not be in India for t he next2.5yrs as i will be going for MBA outside and they are not willing to give me any refund I hereby request SEBI to please protect me