Loan from the money lender

Respected Sir, Greetings, This is to inform you that, i took Rs.17,000/- cash from money lender for 10% interest. But he is charging me the 10% interest weekly. That money lender does not have license at all. Though am a middle class person, only my mom stay at home. she is a diabetes patient. he forced me and took the blank cheque 3 nos. Thinking that he will misuse my cheques i signed wrongly in the cheques & i informed the bank person to destroy the cheques by giving the cheque number. some how i managed and paid the interest weekly by from past 5 months i couldn't able to pay, i applied for loan it take one month to get, so, I request him to give one month time to settle the amount fully but he is not all listening. He is threatening me by sending the person to my house & i'll give police complaint & unless you settle the amount your mother should work in my house. am not telling that i won't pay , but i need time to settle the amount fully and keep the full stop for this. I need your advice how to overcome his threatening.