Can WP case even after judgement is passed be withdrawn by WA?

Sir,In the year 2006 writ petitions(1397 &7551)were filed for regularization of revenue properties against Bangalore Development authority(BDA).The High Court ordered that if there is a provision by BDA they can give a alternative or same site in accordance with law. The BDA rejected and passed a endorsements on 06/09/2010 and 30/06/2010.Then the petitioners filed in WP.No.39548 & 39549/2010 and WP 2988/2010 requesting for reconsideration.A judgement was passed after clubbing all these cases by The High Court,Bangalore clearly stating that the land vested with the Government when Sale deeds were executed as the same was acquired by BDA for formation of layout in the year 1971 and these petetioners purchased in1985(14years after acquisitionand awards made) and what survey no. they claim does not form a part of of kattriguppe in the Land Records and the petitioners have NO Locus Stand i to claim relief. This did not stop the petitioners they filed a Writ Appeal No 2910 &2911/2012.After arguing the counsel for appellant requested for withdrawal of WA as well as WP 39548&39549/2010 for which the judgments were already passed were dismissed as withdrawn and permitted appellant to avail other remedies, available in the eye of law. I want to know if this is correct as 2 years have passed after judgement (2988/2010)and how it can be withdrawn.? Just allowing Writ Appeal to be withdrawn would have been correct I personally feel and do not know Law. Please advice. (Sir,This was my finding as the same is a Government land and some people are creating documents for many Government Lands like this which I feel must be punished.)