need solution

Hello Sir, my parents buyed a property which belongs to my mom' s family which consists of 2 sisters and 3 brothers and my widow grandma by giving 3lakhs to each in the year 2004. Now my mom s siblings are against us saying that property or house may cost crores now . So have to return and no one is looking after my grandmother who is 75 now . And in will there is no such clause is mentioned that we take care of her. But still my Daddy allows to stay after registration when that house given for rental that amount was received by grandma. Also gave 7 cents freely to my aunt to look after her. As now no one s there to care for her. My uncles are not allowing us to take grandma to our home in Mumbai where we settled for more than 25 years and my Daddy owns a shop, which is only earning for my parents. Uncles are saying we can take grandma only after returning that property which we bought from them else they will kill my Daddy. Now my mom nd grandma stays at that home alone my three uncle goes and daily repeats the same and almost they are in house arrest. Is there any solution and on what basis they are saying to return that property to them. Please reply