Divorce from my husband

Hello Sir/Madam, I got married in the month of May 2014. From the next day of marriage my husband started coming home drunk late night around 1 or 2 am. I followed all the rituals of the matrimonial house and did everything a newly wedded girl would do in her matrimonial house. This went on for a week and then my husband started misbehaving with me stating that " you are a Manglik and you have ruined my life i have lost 3 crores because of you". 1 week later he just left me alone at my parents house and never returned. After a week when my parents went for a discussion he clearly mentioned that he does not want to stay with me since I am a Manglik. My parents convinced him and left me at my matrimonial house to live happily as promised by my husband that he would take care of me and not torture me again. After the discussion between both the families he still dint change and was coming home late night drunk, and asked me to get money from parents or to give him my father's property when questioned he said " its non of your business I am a man I can do whatever i want and you have no rights to question me you have a house, cloths to wear and food to eat just stay her don't question". I was house arrested , he asked me to quit my job, not use the mobile, not to see friends and relatives etc. Without my knowledge he would spend time talking to someone on the phone hours together and when investigated he was caught in a woman's house at 11 PM. I was in a shock and then got the proof of him being married to that woman for 5 years now. They are in a living relationship and when I asked him let me go he is not willing to do so, instead he sent a lawyer notice to me. After seeing this me and my parents filed an FIR (IPC 1860 (U/s-498A,5204,506,34)) against him. The police now has created a charge sheet and submitted it to the court and he has got an AB. After waiting for month when called for counselling he refused to come and he refused for any family discussions. I have decided to move ahead with my life. there is hope in this marriage any more since he is all ready married to another woman. Please advice the best way to get out of this marriage and move on with my life, these things are ruining my life and today I don't have job in hand, staying at my parents house it seems like a burden for them. Please help.